Summer Showdown Tournament - Flag Football Tournament Rules
Date & Details

  • Summer Showdown will be a one day tournament held at CY Sports Center in Nixa MO on February 26th with registration beginning at 7:00 am sharp
  • All teams must complete registration and signing of waivers by 7:30 am
  • Full payment of $160 required via prepayment or morning of tournament in order to participate. Cash, Check, or PayPal accepted.
  • Completed waiver is also required for participation for each participating player
  • Double Elimination Tournament
  • Games will start at 8:00 am and will continue to start at the top of the next hour consecutively until the tournament is decided

Basic Structure

  • 18 Team Maximum - 14 Players per team maximum – Two games guaranteed
  • $160 per team entry fee – Winning team earns the title of the best team in the Springfield area and a custom TITLE BELT
  • 7 on 7 Football.  Must have 6 to play, otherwise forfeit will result.
  • Players must be 18 years of age and cannot be a part of another roster
  • Each team must provide its own regulation size game ball and matching jerseys/shirts
  • Passing league only, no hand-offs.  Laterals are allowed and if one occurs behind the line of scrimmage, that player must attempt to execute a forward pass.  He cannot run beyond the LOS.
  • The QB is not allowed to cross the LOS, but can receive a forward pass from a teammate after he executes a behind the LOS lateral. If the QB laterals the ball to one of his teammates behind the LOS, the defense is free to rush through the LOS to pull the ball carriers’ flag and the 4 second count stops.
  • Offense is required to have a Center on every play. QB must touch the ball to the back of the Center or have ball snapped to them by the Center for play to begin. If Center snaps the ball to QB and the ball hits the ground or QB drops it then the play is blown dead and the down is not repeated.

Game Clock Structure

  • Two 20 minute halves with continuous clock – only stoppage is for injury or regular timeouts
  • 2 – One Minute Timeouts per half
  • 5 Minute Half Time
  • 30 second game clock in between each play
  • Head official will inform teams of two-minute warning prior to end of each half

Coin Toss & Kickoffs

  • “Rock-Paper-Scissors” before game - Winner chooses “Ball” or “Defer to 2nd Half” possession
  • Loser takes “Ball” if Winner defers or chooses which side to defend if Winner takes “Ball” and vice versa
  • No kickoffs or punts - Ball will be placed at the 3 yard line to start each possession after a score or start of game/half


  • Touchdown = 6 points & Point after attempt worth 2 points – Attempt from 3 yard line
  • Two-point Conversion- 1 play from the 3 yard line.  If the ball is intercepted by the Defense during the conversion try, the ball can be returned for 2 points for the Defense. If the offensive team that threw the interception deliberately holds up the ball carrier who intercepted the pass during the run back attempt, the 2 points for the defensive team will automatically be counted.

First Downs

  • Only 1 first down – achieved when ball carrier crosses mid-field line.
  • If the Defense stops the Offense in 4 downs prior to crossing the mid field line, then the defense will get the ball at mid field to start their offensive possession.
  • If the Defense stops the Offense in 4 downs after the Offense crosses mid field, then the Defense gets the ball at the spot where the Offense is stopped.

Flag Rules

  • Each player must wear a flag belt with 2 flags. Flags must be worn over the player’s jersey making the flags and belt as available for removal as possible, and must be positioned on the hips of the player.
  • Players cannot start a play without both flags attached. Ball carrier is considered down when the flag is cleanly removed by the opposing team. Ball will be spotted where the flag was pulled off, not where the flag landed.
  • One knee down is considered down
  • If the QB’s flag is removed while his arm is moving forward as he’s making a forward pass, the QB is not ruled down.
  • If the ball carriers Flag falls off while running, he is considered down at the spot where the flag fell.
  • If a receiver catches the ball with less than 2 flags attached, he is considered down at the spot.

Offensive Use of Hands, Holding, Pass Interference, & Blocking

  • Ball carrier is not permitted to protect the flag by stiff-arm or slapping (no flag guarding); spin moves are permitted. Flag guarding will result in immediate stoppage of play from spot of flag guard and a 5 yard penalty against the offensive team from spot of infraction.
  • Moving blocks are not allowed. Blocks are only permitted when the blocker is standing still and may not move position from the initial block. Blockers may not extend arms or legs to deter defensive player progress.
  • Moving blocks/Holding result in a 5 yard penalty will be assessed from spot of the block.
  • Defensive holding/Pass interference will also result in a 5 yard penalty being added to the end of the play.
  • Pass interference calls will result in 5 yards being added to end of the play if ball is caught. If ball is not caught then a 5 yard penalty will be awarded to the offense and replay of the down.

Blitzes & QB Count

  • Four second count will be done by referee closes to line of scrimmage - No blitzing allowed
  • If a Defender elects to stay around the LOS to jump up and down to try and distract the QB while he is attempting to throw but crosses the LOS during his jumping up and down, this will count as a Defensive Off Sides, the play will continue, and a 5 yard penalty will be assessed and/or down repeated, or if the Offensive Team executed the play for greater yardage, they can choose to decline the penalty
  • QB must have ball thrown within 4 seconds – arm must be in motion forward at 4 seconds for play to continue
  • If ball is thrown after 4 seconds a  loss of down will be incurred and the play is dead
  • If the QB crosses the LOS with the ball still in his hand, the play will be blown dead and the down will count

Avoiding Contact/ Fighting/Language

  • It is the player’s responsibility to avoid contact with another player. Defense may stand ground; offense may not purposely run into defender and defense may not purposely tackle or hold an offensive player.
  • NO FIGHTING, First offense will result in 10 yard penalty, along with ejection from game.  Second offense results in suspension from the tournament without possibility of refund for either offense. Ejection of players and disqualification of teams is at the discretion of the head official and tournament Director.
  • Foul Language is not permitted. One verbal warning will be given by the official on the first offense. A second offense will result in an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty of 10 yards. A third offense will result in ejection from the game and unsportsmanlike conduct penalty will be assessed.

Overtime/Field Dimensions/Inclement Weather

  • At the end of the game if the score is tied, the teams enter overtime. Teams will be guaranteed 1 possession each. College overtime rules will be in effect with each team permitted to score touchdowns and 2 point conversions.
  • “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to begin overtime - Winning team chooses possession (Offense of Defense first)
  • Ball is placed at mid field, each team gets at least one possession and teams reverse possession until one team fails to match opponent score with standard 4 downs procedure (no first downs).Type your paragraph here.

Next tournament is coming February or March 2018!! Check back soon!!


Double Elimination Flag Football Tournament
 Saturday August 26th
(Registration Prepay & On Site: 7:00am-7:30am & 8:00am Start)

PayPal $160 to
*Prepayment Highly Recommended to Guarantee Spot*
Cost: $160 per team - Include Team Name/Color in Transaction Notes
Also message our FB page so we can announce your attendance!!

 CY Sports Center

​2180 N Fox Hollow Dr W, Nixa, MO 65714

 18 Team Limit (First Come/First Serve) - Ages 18+ - Cost: $160 per team

Tournament Champion Wins custom “Summer Showdown Title Belt”


Springfield Summer Showdown 2017

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