​About Axiom 

Axiom Events

"Fun & Fitness become Family"

Axiom Events is an Athletic Event Management company based in the Ozark Missouri area.

This is a “From The Feet Up” company as Axiom handles the creation, management, marketing, promotion, and execution of each event.

Our Mission
Make It Fun - Our events/themes offer an experience that differs from your every day athletic event. 
Contribute - In our community and beyond as participating event proceeds benefit various charitable causes. **This varies by event**

Having fun is as important to us as the objective you are completing. That is why our events are family focused with a theme, anything from Sports to Zombies to Superheroes, as that sets us apart.

How We Can Help
Promotion – We can promote your event to our network of athletically active members of the community through our Axiom affiliated event followers. Also use community partnerships to drive awareness through specific reach marketing/exposure.
Planning/Coordination – Implementing our expertise in making sure the event runs as smooth as possible while providing a fun experience for participants.
Partnership – Upon completion we can recognize opportunities based on event performance and plan for future events utilizing learned insights