​About Axiom 

"Fun & Fitness become Family"

Axiom Events

Axiom Events is an Athletic Event Management company based in the Ozark Missouri area.

This is a “From The Feet Up” company as Axiom handles the creation, management, marketing, promotion, and execution of each event. We offer a variety of events that appeal to all ages and fitness levels. 

Our Mission
Family Focused - We want everyone to be able to participate!
Make It Fun - Our themes offer an experience that differs from your every day running/athletic event. 
Contribute - In our community and beyond as participating event proceeds benefit various charitable causes. **This varies by event**

Having fun is as important to us as the objective you are completing. That is why our events are family focused with a theme, anything from Sports to Zombies to Superheroes, as that sets us apart.

How We Can Help
Promotion – We can promote your event to our network of 1500+ family focused participants through our Axiom affiliated event followers. Also use community partnerships to drive awareness through specific reach marketing/exposure.
Planning/Coordination – Implementing our expertise in making sure the event runs as smooth as possible while providing a fun experience for participants
Partnership – Upon completion we can recognize opportunities based on event performance and plan for future events utilizing learned insights

Why Axiom?
We want to grow our own brand for promoting a variety of events while helping your event to achieve its intended level of success.